This is one of the ‘public service’ articles I’m going to write on this website. These cover difficult workflows that I found a lack of good resources on the web explaining how to complete them. It’s my way of ‘paying forward’ all of the useful information and tips I’ve gained from others’ hard work.

At the moment, I’m working hard to improve my PowerPoint/presentation game. I want my presentations and the resources I create for my classes to look amazing. Today, I hit a snag: how to embed YouTube video into PowerPoint.

One of the challenges of using many versions of PowerPoint for Mac, is that you can’t embed YouTube videos with the native settings, you need a plug-in.

There are two solutions for how to embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation on the Mac, excluding the solutions that involve embedded video file or a hyperlink to that video.

The first is described succinctly in this YouTube video.



The problem is that several people have had difficulty in getting to to work consistently for them, and haven’t always had contact from the developer when they’ve sought support.

The second solution is a free plug-in called LiveSlides.

I’ve used both solutions, and whilst I prefer the aesthetic of the first, the second is more reliable. It has the added bonus that you can embed anything, like a webpage, or a twitter feed, or video from any website into your PowerPoint presentation.