Many EFL and ESL very young learners workbooks include within them, images for children to trace in order to develop their pencil control skills. It’s actually quite easy to create this art yourself, all you need is a vector image you like, and then software (or a web app) that will enable you to change a solid line into a dotted or dashed line. (The free Inkscape for Mac or PC will do the job, although I’m using a program called Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer is one of a suite of apps by Serif that are comparable in features to similar Adobe products, but are an affordable one-time purchase, rather than an ongoing subscription.) So, you could grab in image related to the theme you’re teaching, and easily convert it into tracing clip-art. Then you can use that image to create your own worksheet.

That said, there are a few websites that offer tracing clipart in printable form, like this one. (I’m unsure, though, of the copyright status of the images used.)