Ever wonder where that photo came from? Reverse image searching is one of those tools that has many applications, from checking to see if your Tinder date used stock photos in her profile, to digging deeper with your web research.

Here’s an example of one of my recent usage cases. I’m currently looking for a good source quality (royalty-free) stock photos to use in my flash cards. As a travel tech author (my travel tech website is www.itravel.life), I remembered an old app that used beautiful stock photography. I assumed the license would have been free or very low cost, in order to maximise their profits. The only problem was that the app has been removed from the App Store because it is not compatible with the latest versions of iOS. However, I was able to search for the app online, and find some screenshots of its menus. One of those screenshots had an image of a cucumber. By taking a screen capture of that specific cucumber, I was able to reverse image search it; and find the original source; which is also the source of the other images they used in their app. Brilliant!



My favourite reverse search engine is tineye.com, but its probably a good idea to use Google Images as well.