Recently, I’ve started creating all of my own materials for the private classes I’m teaching, and in anticipation of co-creating a new language school for juniors. I have to say that I’m finding it deeply therapeutic. Perhaps this is for some of the same reasons that have caused the boom in adult coloring books, and color by number apps.

I’m really enjoying that I can and modify my materials to get them exactly as I’d like. I can test the resources I create with my classes, and modify them again in light of what I learn.

As someone who has always had advanced Microsoft Word skills, but intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint skills, many of my earlier creations were made in Microsoft Word. However, I’m finding PowerPoint is a much better tool for making personalised resources because its more flexible, and it is easier to get the outcomes I want without having to hack Word to make it do things it naturally isn’t designed for. I also find that there is often a lot of hidden junk in the Word documents I’ve been creating my resources in. For these reasons, I’m moving most of the things I once designed in Microsoft Word into Microsoft PowerPoint formats.

If you don’t know how to use PowerPoint, there are lots of good tutorials at (read my review here), including specific tutorials on PowerPoint animation. It’s also free for the first month.