Part of what I want to do with my VYL Kindergarten curriculum/syllabus is to have resources for break times so that children, are learning and engaged throughout the class, including the break times. I want it to be a ‘learning adventure’, so that they will continue to be surprised, delighted and interested to come to class each week.

For some of the breaks, I want to use educational video resources. (At many language schools what the children do during breaks is completely random.) I think there are many good choices for a zoo/wild animal theme, like this one, a day in the life of a zookeeper.


Another idea for breaks (although is probably better suited to pre- or post-class is SwitchZoo). SwitchZoo is a website that allows you to learn about animals, and also create your own unique animal by changing body parts.

One creative use of the SwitchZoo service (which is also available as a smartphone app), was to allow the children to create their own animal, and then screen capture the result for inclusion on an individual worksheet. Each child was able to draw a habitat around their unique animal.