In some of my recent Starter classes I’ve been experimenting with using the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ PowerPoint template.

Mostly, I’ve been using it to review vocabulary, however, you could use it for grammar, spelling, or other purposes. I just use it as an interesting delivery mechanism for my content, rather than all of the ‘bells and whistles’ of the actual game; like phone a friend, 50/50, and so on. The children simply write their answers on mini whiteboards and show them.

Many people have designed Who Wants to Be a Millionaire PowerPoint templates and a simple Google web search will bring up several alternatives, or you can download one here or here (along with other board game templates).

I should point out that I don’t play this (or other games) in a way that is competitive, for example by scoring with points or having teams play against each other.

Also, I think the template (with some adaptation) could potentially be used for a higher level kindergarten class. For example, you could use CVC words and pictures, counting, or capital and lower case letters (for matching).