This website is dedicated to teaching english to Very Young Learners (2-5 year olds). Its an eclectic mix of tools, tips, templates, activities, video training, and other resources to help you improve your classes.

Having worked in business strategy, organisational development, and human potential, I’ve become a skilled researcher. I love to dig deep and wide to find unique resources and perspectives to add to my work. I expect you’ll find lots of new ideas on this website that you can trial in your classroom.


My brief backstory

Teaching VYLs for the first time was scary, very scary! Teaching this age group was not a part of my TESOL (CELTA) training, and I felt out of my depth.

While I had many questions, I found that there were few resources available for teaching English to Kindergarten students, and many of those that I could find, weren’t all that good.

After a few months of teaching, my perspective changed.

Like many, I began to think that teaching 2-5 year olds English was easy.

I was wrong.

I’d slipped into the (comfort) trap of essentially teaching the same style of lesson each week. It is possible to get away with teaching like that for months, or even years.

As I dug deeper into what was possible, I discovered that teaching VYLs is actually a highly skilled position that requires a lot of awareness, experience, and training in order to do really well. Unfortunately, there are still few good resources or training paths available to learn these skills.

This website is my contribution to teaching helping others teach Very Young Learners. It is a path that can be immensely rewarding for both you, and your students.

Also, I’ve decided to open my my own junior English language school.

This website will document my journey, and the things that I’ve learned along the way. I like to think unconventionally, and I expect that some of the content you’ll find here will likely challenge some of your views.

An English school project for me is a very exciting one. I’m looking at literally every aspect of teaching from transitions, to crafts, to classroom management. I’m exploring what is considered world-class in each segment, and I’m searching for the leading thinkers and practitioners across the globe.

It’s an amazing time to be in education because, globally, there is so much recognition of the flaws in the existing systems. Also, there is a large number of people working towards creating things that are new. As someone that loves learning, I’m really enjoying the process of developing my own knowledge and awareness, and connecting with interesting people that are leading this change around the world.

Thanks for stopping by. If you enjoy the website, I’d love to hear from you.