One of my favourite Mac utilities (ever), just got a major update. That app is called EasyFind, and is created by DEVONTechnologies, the team behind DEVONThink.

EasyFind is kind of like the Spotlight utility on the Mac, except, um, it actually works. It’s so good, that I don’t use Spotlight for finding files anymore. The major frustration I’ve always had with Spotlight is that it returns mostly irrelevant result. That makes finding files akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. In most instances, the process was so time consuming and frustrating, I was better navigating to the folder I thought the file might be in on my hard drive and not using Spotlight at all.

Enter EasyFind.

EasyFind is a powerful utility that you can use to find any file located on your hard drive. What I like about it, is that searches are highly configurable, making it easy to find the exact files you’re looking for on your Mac hard drive. Besides searching for files or folders, you can even search for content inside files. Added to that, its also lightning fast. So fast, that you can plug in an external hard drive containing hundreds of thousands of files and perform relatively quick searches there, too. For example, I might have a craft stored in a lesson folder, but have no idea where that folder is. EasyFind will help me locate that file quickly.

The developers describe EasyFind as a utility they wrote that they “think belongs on every Mac”, and I would agree 100%. Best of all, its free. I’d highly recommend downloading it and having a play with it. I keep it in the Dock on my Mac so that I can quickly find files when I need to. Another time, I will write separately about their flagship program, DEVONThink, which is also an amazing piece of software that has uses for education.