Readers of this website will know that I’m a BIG fan of fonts. Beyond simply making your worksheets, presentations and other materials more attractive, appropriate font selection, can make it easier for very young learners to read printed text for the first time, and even minimise the risk of them internalising common handwriting errors.

While I’ve found many useful custom fonts (both free and paid) for my classes, they’re not always exactly what I am looking for.

In that respect, it has been in the back of my mind for a long time, that I would eventually like to create some of my own fonts.

Enter iFontMaker.

iFontMaker by ($12.99) is an iPad (and Windows Store) app that allows even an aspiring font making novice the ability to design custom fonts using their own handwriting.

iFontMaker itself is really simple and intuitive to use. You can start using a default character set provided in the app, or by importing a font set of your choice to use as a template. Based on the template, you then design your own font using your finger, a stylus, or an Apple Pen. The best way to understand iFontMaker, and to appreciate its features, is to see it in action:

For my first usage case, I’m working on a handwritten ‘outline’ font that I can use for custom designed ‘rainbow writing‘ worksheets. My plan is to use that font to create rainbow writing worksheets, for example of each child’s name, or custom mini books.

In terms of learning how to use the program, it is fairly intuitive, so its unlikely you’ll need loads of guidance. You can, however, find instructions to get you started on the developer’s website. Also useful for beginners, is a popular iFontMaker tutorial on Skillshare (link for 2 free months trial). (Unfortunately, there are not many recent iFontMaker tutorials available on YouTube.)

Also worth exploring is the gallery of other people’s font creations on the developers website. There you can download free fonts shared by other users of iFontMaker, or just use them as inspiration. Some people like to sell the fonts they make via their website, an online font marketplace, or other marketplace like Teachers Pay Teachers.

In summary, iFontMaker is a cost-effective, fun, and easy way to dip your toe into the world of font creation, without a massive learning curve, the need to have a background in typography, or to spend a lot of money on expensive software.