Today I want to share with you some of my favourite Alphablocks videos for teaching phonics. I find that the children respond very well to the Alphablocks videos. They tend to really enjoy watching the different episodes and it manages to hold their attention and focus whilst they’re learning. Episode 1 (above) briefly introduces each of the letters and letter sounds and is great to put on if you have two spare minutes at the end of the class, or are looking for a brief transition video to calm the children down.

I find the next few episodes I’ve shared below to be really useful for teaching and reviewing CVC words in a fun way. These are Frog on a Dog, WIN, and, my personal favourite Alphablocks episode, Cat on a Mat. Enjoy!

You can buy the complete boxed set of Alphablocks DVDs at, and watch more episodes of the Alphablocks on YouTube. (One of the challenges of watching Alphablocks on YouTube, is that the creators keep releasing new episodes which are combinations and clips of old episodes, making it difficult to get your mind around how the whole program works. Other than that, Alphablocks is an exciting and engaging tool for teaching letters and their sounds to children.)