Today, I want to share with you a set of phonics ‘uno’ cards I made a while back. Late last year, I made a deck of phonics uno cards to test out with my Starter class. Unfortunately, my Mac hard drive crashed, and I hadn’t backed up the source file. However, I did have a copy of the PDF version on my iPhone which I had given to the store to print (on photo paper) and laminate.

As my way of saying thanks for visiting my website, I’d like to offer them to you as a free download, as-is.

In terms of how the game went, I’d say it was interesting. Even though the kids were generally only around 6 years old, they did pick up the rules of how to play, but on the first go, it wasn’t as exciting for them as I thought it might be.

In general, I think the game would be more fun for slightly older children, however, you might want to adapt the game so they weren’t just saying the grapheme or phoneme as they placed their cards down. (I played the game in a similar way as you would play Uno.) For instance, you may have older children say a word, from a category, for each card they place down. That is, much like you’d play the game ‘stop the bus’.

In any case, you can use the phonics cards even with very young learners to practice letter names and sounds, colors, or, for any other use you can think of!