One of the many projects I’m working on at the moment, is upgrading my PowerPoint and Interactive White Board (IWB) presentation and design skills.

In terms of IWB presentations, you can find many teacher-created presentations online that may have suitable resources for your classes.

Two of the biggest repositories of these types of presentations are Classflow (for Promethean Whiteboards (ActivInspire)) and SMART Exchange. In both cases, there are also free versions of their software you can download or use online.

If you’re interested, the video above is helpful for teaching you how to best search the Classflow archives. What I’ve noticed is that the quality of the content you can find varies considerably. There’s some really good resources, ideas, and applications of presentations on smartboards, and many that are not so good. Nonetheless, I think its worth taking a look to see if there are tools you can use to enhance your classes.