A few months ago, I trialled finger flash lights in my classroom. As you might imagine, the kids loved them. (In fact, I successfully used them to re-energise a tired evening class, after trying to squeeze too much into my lesson plan. It was a matter of flipping off the lights, and we did a quick ‘listen and point’ phonics review.)

I’ve typically used finger flashlights for activities like listen and point, letter and number formation, although I’m sure there would be many other applications.

You can buy finger flashlights here on Amazon.com.

A few buying tips: finger flash lights are quite cheap to buy in bulk, so there’s no need to pay $1/light for a small purchase. Be aware that you may get defective ones in the pack, so check the reviews of that particular seller before purchasing. Also, the coloured ones tend to be more effective for activities than the white, but usually you don’t have a choice as to which colours you get in the pack. Finally, while you can replace the batteries in many finger flashlight models (usually, they snap open down the middle), I’m not sure that is always economic to do so.