Continuing this week’s Zoo and Wild Animals theme, today’s resource is a game idea: Feed the monkey.

In my research for activity ideas, I came across a numbers game of feed monkey, which sparked my memory of another activity I use for Starter level children.

As an individual student productive exercise, I created a ‘feed the cookie monster prop’. Basically, its a cookie monster head with the mouth cut out. The head is taped onto an old tissue box and the (Starter) student feeds the cookie monster with vocabulary words which are written on cookies. (For VYLs you can just feed the monkey mini flash cards with the vocabulary pictures on it.)

All you need for feeding the monkey is some kind of container and a printable monkey vector which has an open mouth you can cut out. (You can see examples here.)

Feeding the cookie monster or monkey will be a much more engaging way for the student to show you if they can remember the unit vocabulary. You can also add in a new grammar structure, if you like. Alternatively, you could just use this resource (as others have) to practice a skill like counting (and revising fruit) as a part of your animals theme.