If you’ve searched for activities and crafts for teaching EFL or ESL to Kindergarten or Primary students, there’s a fair chance you’ve come across Sparklebox. Its one of the largest repositories of quality (free) crafts online.

Newer teachers may not be aware, that it was also created, owned, and run by a twice convicted peadeophile.

The Sparklebox website is monetised using Google AdWords, and visits to that site will financially support the owner.

For that reason, many teachers have chosen to boycott the website, and have destroyed all of the materials they’ve downloaded. A large number of schools in the UK have also blocked access to the site, and do not allow teachers to print those materials from home for use in the classroom.

If you want, you can read more of the backstory here at BBC and TES.

Alternatives to Sparklebox include Teachers Pay Teachers and Twinkle.