EFL + ESL Kindergarten Craft: Dice

  Children love dice. The novelty of a ten sided dice will be attractive, and support them with number recognition and counting. Here’s a link to a free ten-sided dice template you can use for a craft. Enjoy!  

Low prep craft idea: playdoh (clay)

For some time, I’d been avoiding using the Play-Doh our centre had purchased, because it had been packed up into 20 different (color separated) zip-lock bags. I’d figured that the children would somehow find a way to mix all of the colours into a kind of...

I bought a Wacom Tablet

I bought a Wacom Intuos tablet on my recent trip to Taiwan, in order to upgrade the quality of my crafting. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I took out an unlimited subscription to iconfinder.com. That subscription allowed me to download unlimited SVG formatted images to...

Alphablocks colouring pages

If your kids love the Alphablocks (and colouring), you’ll be interested in this free Alphablocks colouring page from the BBC. It’s great for fast-finishers of crafts. You can download it here.