Craftivity Craftivities

Crafitvity, was a term I was completely unfamiliar with until recently. As the name might seem to imply, its a cute way of saying Craft + Activity.

A craftivity is probably how most crafts in EFL Kindergarten should best be used.

A crafitivity is where you make a craft, that is then used in an activity. For example, you might make a ladybug and then use the spots on the ladybug’s wings in a pair work activity to practice addition or counting. The students get practice developing their fine motor skills like cutting, and colouring, and also practice their English in a fun way after creating the craft.

What I’ve noticed is that some content creators describe their works as craftivities rather than crafts, and a search for a ‘craft’ may not find them. So, next time you go searching online for a ‘craft’, try also having a search for a ‘craftivity’.